A better way to experience employee orientation...for everyone.

Simplifies management for HR Professionals

Simplifies management
for human resources professionals.

Every piece of the employee orientation process is organized into a single unified structure.

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Provides clarity for employees

Provides clarity
for employees.

A straightforward checklist sets out everything employees need to be successful.

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Eases the burden for hiring managers

Eases the burden
for hiring managers.

Management responsibilities are
reduced and tasks are

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All the information, where and when it's needed.
New Employee Orientation Checklist gets your people ready to hit the ground running. Our solution makes sense of the overwhelming amount of data new employees face, by organizing the disparate pieces of your orientation process into one clear, logical path. All the relevant information and actions from compliance, policies and procedures, payroll, technology, benefits, training and others is all in one place, accessed over a secure extranet.

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