Deployment process.

A good employee orientation program covers a lot of ground. We do all the field work: finding and gathering the necessary information, putting it together and ensuring it works as expected.


Our process begins with a thorough intake of information about your existing orientation program. We work with you to vet and validate what you do today, define the role each stakeholder plays in the orientation process, determine what's missing and recommend best practices.

Content development

We apply a logical structure to the information and write all necessary communication elements in a unified voice that reflects your organizational culture.

Customization of the application

We create page layouts, populate content, customize functionality and apply your corporate visual identity throughout.

Deployment, integration and testing

We set up and configure the system in your chosen hosting solution, integrate with your IT infrastructure and conduct a thorough quality assurance regimen before launch.

Training and help

We provide ongoing training and support for system administrators.

Change management

We provide ongoing communications support to introduce, launch and maintain enthusiasm for the product.

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